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Complete Machining and Refurbishing Shop

Ring Power's Machine Shop offers some of the finest machining capabilities in the Florida.  Our precision equipment and expert machinists offer you significant savings over replacement cost.

  • Machine Work/Salvage is the backbone of savings in hydraulic repairs. Parts can be salvaged at a fraction of the price of new. 
  • Re-rod. We can fabricate a new rod for you from our extensive inventory of rod stock. We also carry many metric sizes. 
  • Hydraulic Barrel Re-tube. We can fabricate a new barrel for a fraction of a new replacement. 
  • Cylinder Rod Resurface. We can resurface your rod through Advanced Chrome Technologies (ACT), featuring a revolutionary process that makes traditional chrome plating of hydraulic cylinder rods obsolete. 
  • Hydraulic Rod Straightening. Our 150-ton press will straighten hydraulic cylinder rods that other hydraulics shops would throw away—which saves you money.
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